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Technology & Patented

DARC System
Sol valve & Motor type

Realizing the water cell system that does not require cleaning function
Patented technology realizing the system that eliminates ‘cleaning’ step of the technical limitation of the conventional electrolysis type water Ionizer. It automatically cleans the water by switching electrodes by using an water Ionizer and changes the flow path so that alkaline water continuously comes out.

DARC System

Sol Valve type
Water cell with the switching device of
water ionizer (No. 0308448)

MARC System

Patented technology that perfectly prevents the phenomenon of scale
occurring at the electrodes of water cell due to the cleaning by
switching of electrode at each use, thus maximizing the life span
of electrodes.

Motor type
Water cell with the switching device of
water ionizer (No. 0308448)


Automatic Cleaning System

DARC System Double automatic Reverse Cleaning system

Sol valve & Motor type

The DARC system is an automatic cleaning device that completely
removes the calcium build-up from the water ionizer chamber
and electrode which acts to extend the life of the chamber itself.


MARC System Motor automatic reverse cleaning system
We realize it is inconvenient to not be able to use your water Ionizer while in its clean cycle. Our new patented reversible chamber allows for an automatic water flow regulation so that you can always enjoy alkaline water even while your Ionizer is cleaning.


Performance of Electrodes

One of the things we have done to improve our electrolyte cells was to cover
our plates with titanium mesh. The increased surface area of the mesh
increases the electrolytic potential of our water cells which makes the ORP
of the water very high.


Features Of Ionia Mesh Electrodes
In the latest models, we have introduced five of the most advanced Platinum-Titanium electrodes in the world. When across section of an electrode is examined at 700mes magnification, you can see that the electrodes are now covered in a super fine mesh with very distinct points and valleys. This greatly increases the surface area without having to increase the size. We guarantee that no other models, regardless of price, will produce under similar conditions of such a high and low pH or ORP (Oxygen reduction Potential).


Our plates have full platinum by spray method unlike other company’s plates that do not have enough platinum

The difference of filter technology makes water cleaner and healthier
Our machines filters the harmful substances and keeps the beneficial minerals in the water to make it clean and rich in minerals


Mesh Gauze

It filters out relatively large
Particles of suspended solids
such as rust, debris, etc.



It is effective in removing
chlorine in the water



It is effective in removing
chlorine in the water


Activated Carbon

It removes chemicals like smell, taste, disinfectants, pesticides, phenols, and trihalomethane and inhibits the growth of bacteria bycoang silver on the surface of the activated carbon particles.