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How to choose the best Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine India?

From earthen pots to taps to UV RO machines, there comes the alkaline water ionizer machine India. People believe that alkaline water comes with immense benefits including slowing down the aging process, decreasing the rate of heart diseases, and more. The water ionizer machines raise the pH of water with the assistance of the electrolysis process. With this, one gets two streams of water separately with alkaline and acidic components. The real job is to find the best among all the options available in the market for choosing the right alkaline water ionizer machine India. Here are some tips that can go handy for you.

  • First comes filtration that is the major aspect to pay attention. Nobody will love to have ionized alkaline water that is not filtered well to be pure enough for drinking. Look for an ionizer that comes with 2 filters. Prefer filters with longer cartridges over the shorter ones. Go for ceramic filters while paying a keen eye to the filter price too.
  • Note that the lower the ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential), the more the water will be antioxidizing. ORP generally ranges from +600 to -800. Go for the low ones.
  • Check the warranty provided by the manufacturing company considering the same for both the parts as well as labor. Go for long-term warranty providers. Read the fine print available on the product carefully to not avoid any stipulations.
  • Go for an alkaline water ionizer machine India that does not produce any poisonous chemicals while ionizing water. Choose the one that leads to strong alkaline and acidic levels production without the usage of any hazardous additives.

Master Tip: The usage of pre-filters can be highly beneficial to ensure that you are getting the best water from the machine.

Choose your ionizer carefully! It’s better to think before buying than regretting it later. I prefer Ionia- the best ionizer I have come across so far.

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