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The lesser known fact about our body is that 60% of our body is made up of water so, it won’t be wrong to say that water determines our health and it is also depend on the quality of water we are taking in, nonetheless the water which we drink has less ph level though, If you try to recognize it with the help of ph scale then you will find that your regular water has 6 to 7 ph level in which less than 7 indicates acidity which could be a obstruction for your body in dealing with harmful chemicals and enzymes. We advise you to choose a healthy way of living that wouldn’t effect your body and will help in prevention as we are not untouched with this quote “Prevention is better than cure”.

 In ancient times we didn’t not have technologies to make our work easy but now we are living in a technological era where we can do anything in our own way and alkaline water ionizer machines are a paradigm of it which provides less acidic water.

Classification of information – In myths and facts

There are some myths and facts about Alkaline water and it is imperative because sometimes we create our own visualization which doesn’t match reality till far and wide.

If we tell you some facts about alkaline water so, it is true that Alkaline water neutralize acid  in your body which ‘ll help your body to coordinate with substances present in water  and due to proliferate presence of acid in our stomach there after acidic water makes it much acidic that’s why drinking acidic water can enhance acid level which can lead to multiple problems i.e. osteoporosis and you must have heard a line that acid can ruin anything.

Alkaline water is a good option on account of less acid and alkaline water ionizer has that quality to purify water while keeping its nutrients and minerals in the same quantity as those were before . It’s just a fictional thing that alkaline water can’t ease bone loss but you can relate it to your own body which can be harmed by that quantity of acid and alkaline water can prevent heart diseases as well as other issues .

Water is not recognized in basic needs of a person but Can you imagine your life without water or with acidic water? definitely no but we are doing the same thing we are not taking it seriously that acidic water can harm us or decline the health of our body .

Now you have the opportunity to choose what would be better for you and your health because water is our need and we have to fulfil it compulsively or willingly though It is truly said that your present step can make our future better.


Alkaline water ionizer is a good choice to curb disease possibility. It is blatantly said that alkaline water ionizer ensures to keep water cleaner and healthier. This ionizer has two filters which can clean water easily. We recommend you to not compromise with your life and drinking water because water plays a vital role in human beings ‘ life .If quality is not better, how can a person rely on it and infer that it wouldn’t harm our body by no means.

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  • Posted July 27, 2021 3:39 pm

    by Dheeraj

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