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What is Alkaline Water?

Water that contains a higher pH level than regular and bottled water is alkaline. Alkaline water counterbalances the acid level in your body. Normal RO, bottled and Tap water generally has a neutral pH of 5 or 6 but alkaline water has a pH of 8 or 9. The scale on which the alkalinity of water is measure is from 1 to 10, the more the number the more alkaline the water is.

Benefits Of Alkaline Water:

There are lots of benefits of drinking alkaline water:

  • Alkaline water not hydrates, but keep an alkalinity balance in the body.
  • Alkaline water makes your skin glow and healthy.
  • Alkaline water contains Antioxidant (Anti-aging).
  • Alkaline water helps to make your Liver & Kidney Healthy.
  • Alkaline water improves your Digestion and improves Low Bates Constipation.

Now let us talk about the major difference between Alkaline water and RO water.

RO removes minerals from water

The filtration process of RO treated water requires different chambers, which removes the impurity but also its mineral content of regular water. Such strong filtration breaks down the natural properties of water which depletes its mineral & alkalinity hence make it unfit for drinking or even for cooking. But with alkaline or mineralized water, the loss of essential minerals could be much less.

RO wastes a lot of water

RO wastes approx. 4-gallons of water to clean 1 gallon. If your family requires 10 gallons of water in a week, RO wastes 40-gallons of water. That is bad for the environment. But with Ionia Alkaline Water Ionizer you can get any pH level of water with 0% wastage. The recent example of water emergencies in the county was like ‘Day Zero’ in Chennai, India in 2019 – where the whole city ran out of water. This is a gigantic issue in front of our planet where using technologies like Reverse Osmosis is dreadfully wasteful.

Ergonomic Design

RO system frameworks can be especially huge units that occupy a big space in your kitchen. Ionia Alkaline Water Ionizer is sufficiently little to fit in your kitchen with just one touch of a button choose alkalinity of water as per your preference.

Tasteless Water

As we all aware, RO technology reduces the TDS level of water but extremely low concentrations of TDS may also be unacceptable to consumers because of its flat, insipid taste; it is also often corrosive to water supply systems according to WHO. Consuming low TDS water can lead to weak digestion in the long term as the body adapts it gradually.

Whereas, Alkaline water maintains the right pH balance in the body without losing its natural mineral properties with adequate filtration, make it completely healthy for drinking.

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