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Alkaline Water Ionizer Franchise- Ionia

For the last two decades, alkaline water ionisers have been more prevalent in developed nations like the United States and Europe due to the many health advantages they provide. Customers may get futuristic goods from Crewelter Alkaline water ioniser, a company that specialises in selling them. Regular consumption of this ionised water is said to help reduce diabetes, maintain blood creatine levels, control metabolism, and help those who are overweight or obese lose weight. Antioxidant-rich ionised water is believed to slow down the ageing process. It was announced in 2018 that Crewelter alkaline water ioniser would go into the franchise in 2019. The company imports its goods from Seoul, South Korea. See what other franchisees are saying about the Crewelter Alkaline Water Ionizer in Franchise Reviews.

How much does it cost to start an Alkaline Water Ionizer in Franchise?

Storage tanks, filling machines, water treatment equipment, filters, conveyors, sealers, water sterilisers, water dispensers, bottle loaders, vehicles, and workers for the plant are all part of the startup costs for a water treatment facility.

For a “bare-bones” facility, startup expenses may vary from $500,000 to $750,000. However, depending on the size of your business, some plants may need up to $1.5 million in additional funding.

An approval from the Food and Drug Administration in the United States is also required (FDA). A permit from the state health department is also required.

A water supply and staff to operate your facility will be necessary, as well as a specialised bottle supplier. This is a time-consuming and physically demanding profession.


If you love dealing with people and want to operate in a system that has been shown to succeed, then Alkaline Water Ionizer Franchise are ideal for you. The idea of Alkaline Water Ionizer on the Go is brand fresh and exciting. The company’s franchise programme has a high return on investment for a bit of outlay of capital. For example, the business helps franchisees with everything from choosing a location to negotiating a lease to designing the layout of the shop to installing construction materials and equipment.

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